Qarawella, forgotten village nestled between Kurdish mountains and Turkish frontier, makes us discover the setbacks of its story, land management and agriculture.


It is a greenery hollow and a river is chanting down below.

The vivid waters of the Khabur river, supplied and springing from the glaciers and sources of south eastern Anatolia region, grant Qarawella an emerald hue all year long. The remote little village is since many years a resort where people grow, live and spend their old days peacefully. Youngsters work in the local petroleum refineries to provide for their families, while elders help each others to harvest what little lands remain theirs. Fate has indeed not been merciful upon Qarawella and its inhabitants.

From itself, wackily dropping silvery rags.

The land is fertile, especially favoring fruits and vegetables productions. The Moktar says the finest watermelons in Iraq are harvested in Qarawella, because the generous water supplies of the nearby river could irrigate the soil enough to do so. Now, the land is not theirs anymore… twice, the lands neighboring the river were stolen from them, only leaving a small parcel too high to get irrigated. One harvest a year is not enough to feed the whole village, that’s why people are opening their private gardens to other villagers in a sort of community gardening, all the while waiting for the government to buy the harvests, unpaid for now several years.

Village de Val

Where the sun, overhanging the proud mountain, shines.

It is south of Qarawella where the Kurdistan mountain ranges die. These are stopping the dry gusting winds from Niniveh plains. At the very bottom of these mountains lie down the village’s fallow lands. Across the Khabur river, nothing in sight but fields : these are Turkish. Shinning golden wheat is ready to get reaped, looking very healthy. Water supply surely is not an issue, since harvest time stretches from march to april. Such gap in production quality is outraging us : is Qarawella doomed to fade out ?

It is a little vale overflowing with light..

The strong Iraqi sun grants enough brightness to glimpse the very fast pace of plants growing. The local conditions however are not helpful. Due to the past and current context, agriculture is underestimated by many, if not downright discarded. Youth is deserting this place and never coming back, those choosing to stay are only dreaming to bring back the village to its golden age. unfortunately, the village is emptying itself and it seems irrevocable. Ninive horizon is striving to turn things around and give Qarawella its pride back.

Village de Val